Lucas’s Nursery

Hi everyone!  I have been on a lengthy hiatus due to the whole giving birth and tending to a baby thing.  More to follow about that when I have a chance to write in some detail.  In the meantime, though, I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the little munchkin’s bedroom, since it was so much fun to decorate.

Design inspiration came from this quilt that I purchased on Etsy:

Adorable quilt

If you can go on this site and not purchase something, you are a stronger person than I am!

Thanks to Laura for helping me with design ideas and making art to hang on the wall, and thanks to my dad for helping me mount the bookshelves (which are a Pinterest hack made of Ikea spice racks).  And thanks to Shane for assembling lots of Ikea furniture and to my aunts Mary and Eileen and my friend Emily’s mom for making beautiful handmade blankets for Lucas!  Awesome handcrafted mobile was made by Laura and Emily.

Nursery 19

Nursery 1
So many great books!

Nursery 3

Nursery 6
Wall art by Laura, from Marshalls, and Paper Source paper in frames
Nursery 7
Where the magic happens
Nursery 8
Fun calendar to track milestones from our friend Mindy!
Nursery 9
Cozy rocker from Mom and Dad; already logged many nighttime hours in this guy
Nursery 10
Bookends made by Aunt Laura

Nursery 12

Nursery 15
A nursery wouldn’t be complete without a bear rug, of course
Nursery 17
The menagerie

6 thoughts on “Lucas’s Nursery

  1. Who knew Aunt Laura was so crafty?? Xander and Lucas seem to have matching wall color, so clearly I like it 🙂

    I’ve been using a similar milestone calendar and its been so easy to just quickly jot stuff down as opposed to a whole baby book write up. I’m a fan!

    Look forward to meeting the new guy some day!


  2. It looks so adorable, Jenny! I spy lots of great books your little man will enjoy for years to come! Hope you are doing well and enjoying every minute!


  3. Love the nursery!!! It is so cute and well thought out. I really like the book shelf (or spice rack) idea!! Looking forward to my next visit if you will have me!


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