Week 40: Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars


I made it to 40 weeks!  (Not sure if that should have an exclamation point or not, actually)  I have to admit, though; I cheated and made this recipe a month ago just in case I wasn’t feeling up to baking this week.  Little did I know that I would be feeling so relaxed and enjoying all of this free time I’m having as I have been on not-really-maternity maternity leave (is it technically maternity if there is no outside baby yet? not sure).

Disclaimer about this recipe: I bought a fancy tin of McCann’s steel-cut oats to be fancy and thought, “I’ll use them in this recipe!”  This was a terrible idea.  If you know anything about steel-cut oats, which I did not (apparently), you know that they are little pellets that need to be soaked for a long time before they are at all worthwhile.  If you try to sub them in a recipe that is baked for a short period of time for quicker-cooking oats, you will NOT LIKE THE RESULTS.

Shout-out to Lentil for his longevity, even though Shane is sad that they will not share a birthday.  Now we wait…BabyWatch 2016 continues…

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

pumpkin oat bars

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Easy, one-bowl recipe.  Mix it up and spread it in the pan.  Most difficult part BY FAR was figuring out how to open the tin of oats (see below; ended up having to flip it upside down and use a can opener because I couldn’t figure out how to pop the top).


Taste: My opinion was that these were pretty terrible.  Shane and Matt liked them, and I could see the potential if they were made with the correct type of oats.  But with the steel-cut oats I used, it tasted like chomping through rocks.  I don’t want to be responsible for anyone breaking a tooth.

So many amazing pumpkin possibilities!

Pumpkin Cannelloni with Sage Brown-Butter Sauce

Cinnamon Pumpkin Squash Yam Cheddar Pot Pie

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