Week 38: Roasted Leek and White Bean Galettes


Posting a few days late due to the hubbub of the holidays!  Hope you all had a happy New Year’s Eve and Day, we surely did around here.  Despite the whole tax-break thing, I was relieved to see the clock strike midnight and still be Lentil-less.  He is meant to be a 2016 baby, I believe, and I was hoping for January rather than December so he won’t get as lost in the shuffle with holidays and whatnot.  So now we are officially on BabyWatch 2016; thanks to all of you who have shared your predictions via Baby Bookie!  May the best guesser prevail.

I love leeks and deliberated a lot while choosing which recipe to make this week.  This one won out because it is from a blog I like a lot and sounded unique and somewhat healthy (would have been healthier if I had not generously spooned in extra Gruyere…but I am only human) to counteract the average of 6 cookies I have been eating each day.  What’s a preggo to do when she has all of these baked goods lying around?  We don’t waste cookies in the Lease household.

Roasted Leek and White Bean Galettes

leek galette

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Made easier by me using store-bought pie crust instead of making the one called for in the recipe.  I’m sure that one is significantly tastier, but I had a pie crust that was going to expire soon and spent the day doing lots of walking while running errands with my dad, so it was time to do more sitting, less cooking.

Taste: I liked it!  An interesting mix of flavors, nice and savory; would be perfect alongside some soup or a wintry salad.

Modifications: I made one large galette instead of four small ones like the recipe indicated.  It turned out fine, I just added an extra five minutes of baking time.

Two wildly different spins on the good ol’ leek:

Greek-Style Leeks with Prune and Cinnamon

Whole-Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit and Leeks


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