Week 36: Romaine and Orange Salad with Lime Dressing


Good news, faithful Lentil fans!  He has continued to simmer this week despite my concerns that he might try to make an early appearance; thus, you are treated to a romaine lettuce recipe this week.  It has been a great week for us: “babymoon” with Shane on Friday, when we stayed at the Willard Hotel in DC, which does a fabulous display of Christmas decorations and has been on my bucket list forever, along with a scrumptious dinner at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle steakhouse nearby (three petit filet mignons each topped with a different set of ingredients and a side of lobster mac and cheese…sounds like just the ticket for a preggo out on the town).  Our very sweet and attentive waiter made me mocktail after mocktail and I was in heaven.

I was having a ton of contractions on Sunday night and feeling pretty blechh so I decided to call out sick Monday and take some rest/nesting time.  Finally got around to doing baby clothes laundry and packing my hospital bag.  Two observations: one, I don’t think I will EVER get over how adorable newborn-sized socks are (but seriously…they are so little!!), and two, it seems that it is impossible for men to understand how important it is to select the perfect going-home outfit for baby.  Shane had a look of bewilderment on his face as I tried to explain why it was taking me so long to deliberate between all of the cute outfits we have received as gifts.  Like a smart husband, he knew that the right response was to act like he cared as well.  I’ll choose to interpret his comment of “Well, why don’t we stop halfway home and change his clothes so he can wear more than one of the outfits?!” as creativity instead of sarcasm.

On to this week’s recipe: a simple salad of lettuce and a few add-ons was the perfect detox for me after eating a diet of almost 100% baked goods for the past week (cookie-baking with my cousins and aunt! stops at two different bakeries in DC to check things off my must-eat list! work baby shower today with my very own blue velvet cake!).

Romaine & Orange Salad With Lime Dressing

romaine salad.jpg

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Easy, especially when all of your ingredients except the orange are pre-chopped!

Taste: I’m digging this lime dressing.  The garlic clove offset the citrus and the sweetness of the fruit really nicely.  Leftovers tomorrow!

Modifications: I didn’t have a red onion handy so I threw on some toasted slivered almonds and feta instead to add some savory.  Great thinking, if I do say so myself!

Future romaine ideas to ponder:

Grilled Romaine Hearts with Avocado Lime Dressing (if you are not familiar with Thug Kitchen, this link is worth a click just for a chuckle; careful, NSFW language)

PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps


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