Week 35: Honeydew Bubble Tea


Still on the drink train this week!  I came across this recipe and since I LOVE bubble tea and wanted to make something relatively easy, it was the winner.  Although, easy as it was, I still had to take a day-long break in between prepping the ingredients (last night) and combining them in a blender and actually consuming it (tonight).  I had been repeatedly avowing earlier in pregnancy that “pregnancy is not a disability” but…official retractment for the last 6 weeks, at least for me.  I am most definitely a lumpy, whiny, pathetic shell of my former self (sorry, Shane).  Current response to people who ask me how I am at work: “I’m here! That counts for something!”

Anyway, no one came here to listen to me complain!  So, back to the fun stuff.  We had our 36 week appointment today (since I’m technically 36 weeks along today) and got some updates on Lentil’s progress: growing well (a little TOO well…he’s a swarthy 6 lb 5 oz according to their estimates, which, while often wrong, still elicit fear in soon-to-be-mothers who don’t love hearing that their unborn child has a “larger than average”-sized head).  (Sorry, that was another complaint.  Feeling salty today)  Doctor also thinks he might arrive early since I have been active and whatnot, so we’ll see…

Tomorrow, Shane and I head to our babymoon/his belated birthday gift from last year: we’ll go out to a fancy grown-up restaurant and stay at the Willard Hotel in D.C., which gets fabulously decorated for the holidays.  Looking forward to one last night of being a swingin’ childless couple out on the town before a few months of being homebound.  Hope you all have a similarly festive weekend!

Honeydew Bubble Tea

bubble tea.jpg

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Simple to prepare, just numerous steps (brewing the tea, boiling the tapioca, chopping the melon) that may be too numerous depending on the level of pregnancy you are experiencing (i.e. “not pregnant”: piece of cake; “severely pregnant”: a smidge more tasking).

Taste: Meh.  Too pulpy; I would strain it next time (although then you’d lose the fiber) to get a smoother consistency.  Flavor was not very pronounced, but probably more so because I am used to the teas made with flavored powders that are probably full of artificial flavors and coloring (AND DELICIOUSNESS).

Modifications: I used black tea bags instead of green because I prefer black tea and wanted to make it decaf.  Didn’t get as brilliant of a green color as I would have with the green tea.

The honeydew recipes I wish I could drink right now (4 more weeks!!):

Honeydew Hefeweizen Smoothie

Fresh Honeydew Margaritas


One thought on “Week 35: Honeydew Bubble Tea

  1. I just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog and humorous asides. I have a feeling from what you just said there might not be a week 36 so letting you know I’ve enjoyed the ride and wish you and Shane and Lentil all the best! Ellen

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