Week 25: Maple Glazed Rutabaga


Okay, raise your hand if you love rutabaga!!



Yeah, I thought not.

As far as I can tell, the rutabaga has one thing going for it: it’s partly purple.  If pressed to come up with one more positive attribute, I would say it’s pretty heavy for its size and could be used as an effective projectile, in a pinch.  On the other hand, it looks weird, smells weird, and tastes weird.  I’m kind of surprised, evolutionarily speaking, that it still exists.  However!!…this week, our friend Lentil is the weight of a rutabaga (about 1.5 lbs), so off I went to three of my local grocery stores until I found one that carries them.

Shout out to Shane Lease for dealing with my first crazy pregnancy meltdown on Sunday night, involving a lot of crying over things ranging from (absolutely nothing) to (overwhelmed by the craziness/beauty of feeling Lentil somersaulting around and shoving himself up against the side of my belly).  Good job rubbing my back and trying not to look too bewildered.  We’ll hope that was a once-in-a-pregnancy anomaly.

Maple Glazed Rutabaga

rutabaga maplePulitzer-quality photo to entice you

The Verdict:

Difficulty: It’s a little tricky to peel a rutabaga due to the heaviness/slipperiness .  Other than that, easy.

Taste: Me: “Meh.”  Shane: “Good.”  We’ll agree to disagree.  (He may have been just trying to be nice, afraid that we would have a repeat of Sunday)  The maple syrup made me think I could expect a little more sweetness; maybe it would have been more sweet if I had used Aunt Jemima instead of real syrup.  We’ll never know, since I don’t plan to make this again.

Solicitation of help: Anyone need a rutabaga?  I have one left over!

Additional rutabaga recipes, if you are desperate or doing your own blog about recipes that correspond to the size of your unborn child:

Rutabaga Latkes RUTHIE AND BEN?!!

Mashed Rutabaga with Sour Cream and Dill


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