Week 24: Corn Spoonbread with Goat Cheese and Chives

Ear of Corn isolatedWell, friends, the day has arrived.  I figured that eventually, one of the recipes I tried out would be a dud, but for the past 11 weeks, things have been tasting great.  This week, however, was not a success.  Unclear as to how this recipe has an average 5-star rating…possible explanation being that it was rated by the author herself.  And then her mom.  And then probably her mom again (if I become the kind of parent who wouldn’t tell Lentil, “This tastes not good,” then somebody slap me, please).

But first!  A life update: Lentil is doing swell.  An active little bugger, perfectly sized and growing just as he should be.  I am trying to exert self-control and not buy all of the end-of-summer clearance baby clothes, but it’s tough (I did buy some of them, though, just not all…I’m human, guys.  Janie and Jack clearance called to me!).  I am also feeling good, having mostly good days and continuing to survive being back at work full-time.  I’m trying to put in a lot of effort now while I have the energy so that when I start majorly slacking off around November or so, no one can say anything.  Might have to resort to my sometimes-strategy-of-desperation of turning off the lights in my office so people think I’m not there and don’t bother me (usually used when I have a report due the next day).

Now, on to the disappointment:

Corn Spoonbread with Goat Cheese and Chives

corn spoonbreadThe Verdict:

Difficulty: Medium if you forget to buy some of the ingredients and have to get your husband to do a grocery run, easy-medium otherwise.

Taste: Really, it tasted like nothing.  And there was WAY too much goat cheese in there for it to taste like nothing.  I added a liberal sprinkle of salt, which made it slightly more palatable but still not great.  The corn was a weird chewy consistency, too.

Suggestions for anyone who reads this glowing endorsement and decides to cook this dish anyway: Double the salt.  Maybe triple.

Sort-of-related suggestion, really just a tip for the next time you use chives: If you are not already aware, there is a reason that recipes tell you to “snip” chives into a dish, as opposed to chopping.  This is because it works a WHOLE lot better.  So, use kitchen shears to get your chives all nicely sliced up.  Also, put chives on everything, because they are amazing.

Probably much better corn recipes that I should have made:

Cornbread and Fluffy Honey Butter

Don Pablo’s Corn Cake copycat


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