Week 21: Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

carrotsPosting a day late out of necessity!  As much as I have been craving sweets and indulging this craving frequently, I thought it would be unwise to make two dozen cupcakes for just me and Shane.  Instead, I waited until I had a gathering to attend so I could bring at least SOME of them to share with others (although Shane pouted when he saw some of them put aside for leaving the apartment; the man loves his carrot cake, what can I say?!)  So, anyone who will at the barbeque I am going to tomorrow: GET EXCITED!

In other news, school’s back in as of Monday, and the hustle/bustle along with it.  Kids are keeping me busy but very entertained; see my Facebook posts for some good pregnancy-related quotes over the coming months.  I was warned by a co-worker of mine that the already-barely-existing boundaries in Baltimoreland become nonexistent when you’re pregnant, so I am anxiously awaiting some great stories.

“The Best” Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


The Verdict:

Difficulty: Easy if you have a food processor (for grating the carrots)!  Without a food processor, it would be a huge pain to try to chop the carrots finely enough to work for the recipe.  Most difficult aspect was not eating all of the leftover frosting.

Taste: Yay!  I generally don’t like carrot cake because people insist on adding lots of weird things that don’t belong in cake (ex. walnuts, pineapple, RAISINS gross).  But this recipe doesn’t mess around with any of that.  The cupcakes are extremely moist, cream cheese frosting is on point…definitely a winner.

Notes: I needed a lot more baking time than the recipe calls for, and my oven runs pretty average in terms of heat.  I ended up doing 17 minutes but probably could have left them a minute or two more for some added firmness.  I might decrease the oil next time; they were plenty moist and the wrappers were pretty oily when I removed the cupcakes from the pan, to the point that I wiped them with a paper towel.  Just something to consider (for those of you who are intent on keeping this vegetable recipe in the “health food” category).  Also, no need to double the frosting; there was more than enough for a generous spread on each cupcake, even for a devout cream cheese frosting-lover like myself.

A carrot recipe homage to my newest readers, the Posner/Avny clan!  If I had planned this out better, I would have used the actual delicious recipe that Susan served me at Passover several years ago, but it is somewhere in my disaster of an apartment (prepping for our upcoming move!) and I couldn’t unearth it in time.  So, this one will have to suffice:

Carrot Kugel

and a dip I’ve been meaning to make for awhile:

Carrot Hummus

Bon appetit!


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