Week 20: Caramelized Banana Rice Pudding

bananaFor those of you thinking, “Wait, didn’t she just make a recipe with bananas?,” I say, “Great memory!”  Indeed, the blueberry-banana bread that served as the vehicle for Lentil’s grand reveal came very close to tempting me to combine this week and call it a day (especially since I returned to full-time work this week after being spoiled with Mondays and Fridays off all summer).  But no!  I owe you readers better than that.  So here you go, a delicious and slightly unusual recipe to round out Week 20.

Caramelized Banana Rice Pudding

banana rice puddingOne of the adorable cards we’ve received…thanks, Aunt Darlene and Uncle Charlie!

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Hard! This recipe is a hot mess…first time I’ve made something from this blog and I don’t think I’ll return.  Instructions were partial in both the actual recipe and the notes, requiring the cook to frantically scroll up and down for the entirety of the preparation and combine the two mentally as you go.  There were also errors and contradictions throughout (ex. “add the salt” with the rice but then being told to add that same salt during another step; being told different lengths of time for the same step).  If someone rewrote it ahead of time and made the necessary corrections, it would become moderate in difficulty (still lots of stirring involved and timing is important to make sure the rice is the correct consistency).

Taste: Mmmmm.  Sinfully rich.  I just ate a bowl warm right after making, but I’m also looking forward to trying it cold tomorrow morning!  Breakfast of champions 🙂

I didn’t add: crushed Nilla wafers, only because I thought I had some left but I had packed them in Shane’s lunch.  Sounds tasty, though!

Other banana ideas:

Double Chocolate Banana Bread (definitely making this soon!)

Campfire Baked Bananas


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