Week 19: Heirloom Tomato Salad with Tomato Granita

tomatoI’ve been looking forward to this week for awhile!  Any excuse to showcase succulent summer tomatoes in all their glory.  I have a favorite tomato-only stand at the Silver Spring farmer’s market that is a rainbow of possibilities and I was gleeful as I picked a variety of colors (Green Zebra! Brandywine!) to use for a rainbow-esque salad.

As soon as I saw this recipe on the Cooking Light recipe earlier this summer, I knew I had to reproduce it.  I was first introduced to the magic of granita while living in Italy and usually make them as dessert (note: need to whip up something sweet in a flash for a dinner party? Bottle/pitcher of sangria poured into a shallow dish, pop it in the freezer, scrape once an hour for about 3 hours and scoop into glasses when you’re ready to serve.  Boozy, refreshing deliciousness).  I liked the idea of incorporating a granita aspect into a savory dish and it was a great way to let the tomato flavors shine while adding a pop of salty/sweet/vinegary flavor.

But first, check out this feature I just discovered on my Babycenter app!  Here’s one for the friends who have asked for some bump pictures:

big as a tomatoDefinitely not exactly fitting into regular clothes anymore…

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Tomato Granita

heirloom tomatoThe Verdict:

Difficulty: Easy to assemble with a bit of effort required (scraping periodically); can be difficult for some people to choose between all of the beautiful tomatoes available (AHEM)

Taste: Loved it! Definitely a keeper! The flavors all came together very nicely, especially with the basil and red wine vinegar in there.

Notes: Could be partly assembled ahead of time (tomatoes cut and arranged, granita made and kept in the freezer til right before serving) for ease of entertaining.  Also, I used an immersion blender to puree the granita mixture, which made for easy prep.

It was difficult to pick just two, but some other ideas for your beautiful bounty:

Tomato and Fried Provolone Sandwich

Heirloom Tomato Tart

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Throwback Thursday baby sex edition: is Lentil Lease a blueberry or a (pink) fig?!  All will be revealed…


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