Week 17: Mashed Turnips (Chappit Tatties)

turnipHi friends! Sorry for another late post.  The Lease family traveled to the Dominican Republic last Friday for our cousin Gary’s wedding, which was a blast.  Never been to a wedding where literally every single guest was on the dance floor!  Unfortunately, I went a little crazy with dancing and was reminded that I am, in fact, pregnant, during a particularly vigorous rendition of a conga line…had to sit out the rest of the evening to rest but it was totally worth it.  I did learn a valuable lesson, though, as I have three weddings to attend in October: don’t use up all of your dancing energy before “Shout!” is played.  As the great Julia Roberts said, “BIG mistake.  HUGE.”

This week, Lentil is the weight of a turnip (but a lot longer: 5 inches long!).  My dear friend Emily O’Connell shared a family recipe with me.  Thanks, Emily!  Gotta say, I was hesitant about making turnips, a vegetable I have never  bought or cooked before and couldn’t specifically remember eating (although I love the greens, but I wanted to tackle the root itself).  Now that I have conquered them, though, I will definitely try out some other recipes in the future.

Mashed Turnips

Ingredients: 6 Idaho potatoes
3 turnips
1 stick of butter

– Wash and peel veggies and cut into chunks
– Boil for about 20 min. (Don’t overcook)
– Drain and place in big bowl
– Mash with potato masher
– Add 1 stick of butter
– Place in casserole dish
– Add chopped parsley on top
– Warm to be served
Serves approx. 6 people

mashed turnipsThe Verdict:

Difficulty: Should have been easy, complicated by two factors: 1. Using your sister’s vegetable peeler shaped like a frog: adorable but not the most functional. 2. I boiled the potatoes and turnips together but the potatoes cooked much more quickly so when I went to mash, the potatoes were perfectly cooked but the turnips were a little underdone, making it difficult to mash (and leaving a good amount of chunks).

Taste: Tasted much like mashed potatoes, with a bit of a cabbagey flavor.  I liked them and Matt LOVED them (new favorite brother-in-law!).  If I made this again, I would have added more salt and some pepper; sometimes I forget how much salt it takes to make potatoes come alive.

Notes: I used less than a stick of butter to try to make it slightly healthier, although I bet the full amount would have made it scrumptious.  Next time, I’d boil the potatoes and turnips separately to get each to the perfect texture.  Also, I checked for texture and found that I needed a lot less than 20 minutes, possibly due to the size of the chunks I cut, so if you cook this, I would recommend testing a piece around 10 minutes or so.

If you are a turnip lover:

Turnips with Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese and Sesame

Turnip Gratin with Gruyere


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