Week 16: Avocado Toast

ganze und halbe reife avocado isoliert auf weissem hintergrund

Little late in posting this week…sorry! Lentil, Shane and I were at the beach all last week and have been busily house-hunting this week (trying to move soon so we can do all the requisite nesting before baby).  My plan is to make all new recipes for this blog, but due to my lack of free time this week, I chose an avocado recipe that I have made before; actually, it’s something I make all the time and maybe you do, too.  But in the event that you have never tried this delicious, nutritious, and extremely simple creation or haven’t made it in awhile, then it’s your lucky day.  Perfect protein-packed breakfast or enjoy any time of day.

avocado toast

No link for this one, since it’s sort of a whatever-floats-your-boat deal, but here’s what I do:

1. Toast a nice slice of bread (I like a hearty oat nut or something with some heft to it)

2. Mash half of a ripe avocado with a fork, adding lime juice and sea salt to taste, and spread it on the bread

3. Top with crushed red pepper flakes and enjoy!

The Verdict

Difficulty:  A monkey could make this

Taste:  Yum!

Want some more ideas?  Check out the comments section on this Kitchn article.  Tomato! Truffle salt! Fried egg!  The options are endless.

Jazz up your toast

Here is the recipe that I WISH I could have made, but I’m trying to adhere to the pregnancy “don’t eat raw fish” rule (very very hard).  This is a Katie Fink specialty and smells so amazing with the sesame oil and soy sauce and crispy shallots…I need an air freshener of  this until January 7th.  Katie, I expect you to bring a heart-shaped version to the hospital immediately after I give birth.

If you attempt this, which you should if you like sushi/raw fish/Asian flavors, it is equally great with sushi-grade salmon or tuna, both of which can be purchased safely from your local Asian supermarket (H Mart is my fave, and sushi-grade fish is inexpensive there) or Whole Foods.

Tuna/Salmon Poke


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