Week 15: Apple Crunch Pie

appleThe week of the apple is upon us!  I must say, I was a little disappointed that the fruit this week wasn’t a peach, especially since I just picked up some delicious, fuzzy peaches from the farmer’s market, and peaches and apples are pretty much the same size.  I even considered cheating and just SAYING that this week was Peach Week, since I’m guessing very few of you are cross-referencing this blog with the Babycenter pregnancy app 🙂  But I didn’t want to cheat, so apple it is!  (Side note, speaking of cheating: Shane and I were talking this morning about how we both cheated whenever we played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”-type games.  Everyone did that, right?  Right?…)

Anyway, I decided to use a tried-and-true family recipe this week instead of making something new, since there is no apple pie that could top my mom’s apple pie, IMO.  Everyone reading this probably feels the same way about their own mother’s apple pie but HEY, this is my blog so I get to hold you hostage with mine for the next few paragraphs.

Shirley’s Apple Crunch Pie

before apple       after apple
Before and after

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Skill-wise, this is pretty easy, but I’ll say medium if you factor in having to peel and slice seven apples.  Bonus points if you can peel an apple in one long strip!

Taste:  Scrumptious.  But we already knew it would be!

Warnings: Don’t bring this pie around Cliff Fisher if you want any left for yourself.  Also, it is delicious for several days but the crumb topping does lose its crunchiness, so be warned.  Last, I know it is weird how the recipe is written in decimals instead of fractions; hopefully you remember your conversions but if not, borrow a 5th grader from somewhere.

Recipes I’ll try this fall when it’s apple season:

Apple Crostata

Apple Enchiladas


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