Week 13: Snap Peas with Crispy Shallots


Week 13 is upon us, and your new friend Lentil is now the size of a pea pod!

So, let’s get the drama out of the way: today Lentil and I were involved in Baby’s First Car Accident (try finding a onesie that says that!).  Not to worry; we are both fine and my doctor said, “The baby didn’t even know what happened!”  But getting rear-ended on Rt. 29 was certainly not how I intended to start my morning.  On the bright side, the insurance companies were extremely friendly and easy to deal with and unanimously agreed that it was the other lady’s fault, so my car gets a shiny new back end and I get to practice my Mom skills by driving a minivan for 7-10 days!

Ok, back to peas.  As you may be aware, I am a great lover of food and I like ALMOST everything.  Even foods I spurned as a youngster are now incorporated into my diet, like refried beans (nom nom).  However, I have not been able to get on the pea bandwagon (if such a bandwagon exists) despite numerous efforts from my mom and other pea-lovers.  Thankfully, Shane hates them too, so I just never make them, but when I saw that this week was “pea pod,” I had to think fast about how to cook a pea recipe so that I wouldn’t have to fail at this blog after one week.

Good thing I am a wily one and realized that sugar snap peas are technically peas but much better than actual peas! So here is a pea recipe I could get behind.  Actually, I found a few good-looking ones but made the easiest of them since my day had already been stressful.  And, what better cure for a car accident than all-natural homemade fried onions, AMIRIGHT?!

Snap Peas with Crispy Shallots

Snap peasThe Verdict

Difficulty: Easy! A little chopping, a little sauteing, some sprinkling.  Hardest part was not eating all of the fried shallots and then putting the uncooked peas back into the fridge.

Taste:  I’m a bit torn here.  The shallots were great and the peas had a good flavor (the lemon juice really brightened things and it didn’t end up overly salty, which I was a bit concerned about after looking at how many times they say to add salt).  My major beef was that 3 minutes really wasn’t long enough to cook the peas to a consistency that I liked (and I usually like VERY firm veggies so that’s saying something) and it took some dedicated chewing to get through the fibrousness.

Notes/caution:  Make sure before you go shopping that you know the difference between snow peas and snap peas (COUGH COUGH ahem) or just buy both, prep the wrong ones, then realize your mistake at the last second and switch them out for the correct ones*

*hypothetical situation

Alternate recipes for you pea-lovers that I will try out sometime soon:

Quinoa Salad with Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Pea and Carrot Soba Noodles


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