Week 12: Lime Meltaways

LimeLentil is 12 weeks old and the size of a lime! I was a bit overwhelmed trying to pick a lime recipe from the million delicious ones out there (probably not going to be so hard when we get to Week 17: Turnip).  I had two runners-up that I also plan to make this week but wanted to try something new, so the winner was:

Lime Meltaways! (Or Key Lime Meltaways, if you’re fancy)

Martha Stewart’s Lime Meltaways

Lime meltaways

High-quality picture, huh?!

The Verdict:

Difficulty: Moderate (easy to assemble, annoying to grate a bunch of limes, necessary to time things well so you coat the cookies in sugar at the exact right stage of cooling)

Taste: Yum! I baked these at my parents’ house and they were Cliff Fisher-approved (although I have yet to meet a cookie or a lime-flavored dessert that wasn’t).  Tangy lime flavor and not too sweet; well-balanced.

Injuries suffered: 1 (grated knuckle while distracted by conversation with my dad)

Runner-up recipes to be made this weekend:

Emeril Lagasse’s Key Lime Pie (my go-to Key Lime Pie recipe; I modify the topping by just doing a simple homemade whipped cream with whipping cream and vanilla extract)

Key Lime Pie Popsicles (these look AWESOME)


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